Must Read: Tips for Resume Email

Standing out from the regular jobseeker crowd is the key to success in a tough job market. Most important part of job search is emailing your resume to the employer. A recruiter or a hiring manager would screen it,among hundreds from other jobseekers like you. So to stand taking care of even little details makes a huge difference. Here are some easy to follow tips:

Don't use funky email id's

Don't send your resume using a funky college or school id ever. Your email address should sound decent and professional. Ideally, it should contain your first name and last name along with combination of other keywords or numbers. Create a new email id if in case your existing email address doesn't conform to these standards.

Your Email ID is a Brand Statement

Your email address should say more than just your name. Some people add their year of birth or even area code as a combination but that's not what we're talking about. Instead use a combination that states your skill or role.

For instance: resumecreating@gmail.com

This kind of a format conveys your professional identity along with your name much better.

Subject Line Focus

Please remember that all emails show up in recruiter or hiring manager's inbox as a list of Subject Lines. They decide to read an email or junk it without reading, based on the Subject Line. Therefore, use a meaningful subject on your email. If replying to a job post, include Job ID or Job Code along with Job Title or Role in the subject line.

Resume Summary in Subject

Tweak the Subject line to function as a catchy resume summary. Something like this:

Android Developer—7 yrs Exp—Applying for ID450 Mobile Developer

A subject line like this introduces, advertises your professional resume quite effectively right in the subject line itself.

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